About Us

Our Story began in 2016, at Jordan’s Parke Street, when Andrew and his brother started a small bakery shop. They had one unique mission in mind – to make addictive free bread and pastries, but little did they know how much these products would shake up the bread aisle.

For Andrew’s, this was more than just making bread. Having spent his younger years studying at the best agriculture school in the world – UC Davis, Andrew had a passion for natural food and food manufacturing. Upon discovering that most of the large chain bakeries in Hong Kong are using harmful additives to speed up the baking process, Andrew wanted a change for the industry. Determined to make a positive impact, Andrew worked tireless to bake breads that tasted unlike anything else on the market. Crafted with French and Japanese baking techniques, made with only the very best natural non-GMO ingredients. That’s how we still make our bread and pastries today.

For Jeffrey’s, taste is always the primary factor in my pastry creation. Supreme ingredients is of utmost importance for a perfect pastry. To ensure the distinct taste and texture of our pastry products, we further process our imported high-quality ingredients as our unique homemade pastry ingredients. Combining modern French technique, superior ingredients and local taste for pastry, I have created the most distinct and inspirational pastry creations that only belong to Ma Douce.

Our commitment to uncompromising taste, texture, and creativity is what makes Big Grains uncommon. Big Grains had a humble beginning rooted in the quest for the natural piece of bread, but our desire to pursue excellence and to work each day delivering the best possible product and experience for our guests are what keep us going.

Our ultimate goal? To turn every bread and pastry into an unexpected surprise!